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For many years, Danish Crown has been working to become more sustainable, and Leivers have proudly joined the journey.

Climate researchers all over the world are highlighting meat as one of the great challenges for our planet, the climate and the living conditions of future generations.

This is a fundamental challenge for all meat producers, which we have a big responsibility to help solve. We cannot continue to eat and produce meat as we do now.

We must start to do things differently, and we have pledged to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions for producing meat with a lower climate impact and in a more sustainable way.

This does not mean that Danish Crown will be producing less meat. Because the global population is growing. In 2050, according to the UN, there will be approximately 10 billion mouths to feed. But we want to offer people a sustainable alternative, so they can eat meat in responsible quantities with a clear conscience.

To succeed, all links of the chain must contribute to doing things in new ways – consumers, retail chains, food producers and farmers.

Every day we are one step closer to reaching our ambitious sustainability goals and together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.