Our range of gammon and bacon is sourced directly from EU approved suppliers, to meet the highest specification of any independent retailer. If you prefer your gammon and bacon smoked, we have a state of the art smoking facility that we can use to make your orders to bespoke specification.

Our product portfolio is made up of the following suppliers:

Danish Crown

With 130 years of farming and butchery expertise, pork and beef is our speciality. We are world experts in cured pork products and offer many varieties; oak-smoked, sweet-cured, hand-salted, or even custom-flavoured bacon. Our well-practised curing processes allow for optimum salt levels, taste and consistency.

Cheshire Oak

Cheshire Oak is a family-run business which is proud of its bacon and gammons. We are specialist bacon curers and processors and all our products are produced from accredited suppliers. We use the finest quality pork and cure it using Cheshire Oak’s unique recipe to create our traditional bacon and gammon products.

LJ van der Mey BV

L.J. van der Mey BV was established in 1947 as a butcher’s shop in Sassenheim, The Netherlands Experience the 70 years of craftsmanship by tasting the delectable bacon being cured today. Real beechwood smoked, traditionally dry or tank cured and produced with care for sustainability and traceability. Pure taste and excellent quality.